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About Us
E&E Collection Textile
E&E COLLECTION TEXTILE Manufacturing & Wholesale Co.
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34775-Umraniye-Istanbul / TURKEY 

We are a trading and manufacturing company based in Istanbul-Turkey operating as a small and medium-sized business group.
Our company is located in Istanbul and our production capacity is about 100,000 pieces per month.

Woman & Man Sportswear / Home and Hotel Textiles / Flannel Fleece Blanket Production is our major manufacturing line. We are supplying wide range of products with high quality, competitive price & on time delivery.

On this way we pay a great attention to win-win principle. We make decisions by putting ourselves in your shoes throughout the entire production process.

Our stenght is ''Fast & Requested Production for small or big orders''.

Shortly about our running process;
1-    First step; Fixing the time and action plans - specific requirements as product fabric choice, color, fabric weight g/sqm -
2-    Confirmatin of product size, embroidery, Private Labeling according to your requirements, hangtags or brand labels and you can also choose various packaging designs.
3-    Sampling & Approval of Samples (confirmation of order details as requested)
4-    Determining all the details of the contract Production leading times, payments and etc.
5-    Confirmation of Order Details by parties
6-    Prepayment according to the agreement and starting of Bulk production
7-    Inspections - various steps of quality checking and control starting from receiving the fabric >>> production process all products are inspected for length, width, loose threads, dirt, stains, holes, poor  stitching, embroidery.
Any blemishes like spots or color shading are checked also before cutting the fabric.
8-    Performing final inspections before shipments -  products are ready for shipping and has been quality checked for a final time.
9-    Packaging, customs clearance and shipping in accordance with the customers requests and expectations.
10-  Informing customers during the export process and delivery. - We definitely follow up with the shipping companies to ensure on time delivery.

Quality control is very important...
We also test the colorfastness, yarn count, actual weight, shrinkage etc of the fabrics.
Producing at the agreed quality level and inspections at all stages is very important to us.
All orders are shipped only after our quality controllers final inspection.

Best regards,
E&E Collection Management